Timken's Extensive Mounted Bearing Offering Addresses the World's Toughest Jobs

Market sectors such as agriculture, mining, metals, aggregate, cement, HVAC, water treatment and food and beverage are leading contributors to increased sales of Timken mounted bearings, which provide enhanced protection from moisture, contamination and other harsh conditions. Companies installing and maintaining industrial equipment for these challenging applications are selecting Timken's highly engineered units for trusted performance and reliability from one of the broadest product lines in the industry.i

"At Timken, we're focused on product vitality, which is our ability to develop and grow a portfolio of products that we engineer into our customers' next-generation equipment," said Andreas Roellgen, Timken executive vice president, president Engineered Bearings. "When we innovate and implement solutions for our customers' toughest applications, we demonstrate the unique value of partnering with Timken. It's not only our full offering of differentiated housing and sealing designs, but the technical support we deliver to help our customers achieve strong performance."   

Timken has built its mounted bearings portfolio from the ground up, through both organic growth and acquisitions. The company's mounted bearings are designed with the customer in mind, and the company's engineering knowledge is what differentiates its products. For example, Timken's split cylindrical mounted bearings are split to the shaft, making them easy to install and maintain for sites like water treatment facilities, where equipment runs while submerged in water. Whenever the equipment needs to be stopped for maintenance, it presents the risk of releasing untreated water into the environment. Timken's split cylindrical design speeds up the replacement process, making these operations more environmentally safe and sustainable.

Timken continues to pursue business with original manufacturers to grow its installed base, which will help further support long-term aftermarket growth. The company is also investing in manufacturing facility technology, expanding distribution capabilities and enhancing customer service to support expected growth over the coming years.

TIMKEN A2031 - A2126

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